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Treviso is a small city in the Veneto region at the north-east of Venice not too far from beautiful Dolomite mountains and of famous Adriatic beach resorts such as Jesolo.
The city is almost completely encircled by its walls with three splendid gateways. Their symbol, the lion of St. Mark, is prominently displayed, evidence of Treviso's close and enduring ties with the Venetian republic over the centuries.

The gently flowing waters of the river Sile run around the town walls and branch out here and there through the city in a patchwork of picturesque canals and streams so that Treviso has earned the name of "city of waters".

With its streets of old houses, mediaeval palaces, enchanting squares, magnificent churches and the frescoed facades survive on medieval houses, the town has a character and a special atmosphere of its own.
The province itself was once known as the "Marca Gioiosa", the joyful border country, on account of Nature's generosity. All of these factors have contributed to create that distinctive harmony, tinged with the magic of times gone by, that characterises everyday life in Treviso.

The city of Treviso has much to offer lovers of Italian food and traditions. There are the "osterie", for example, those small traditional wine bars. And there are many restaurants, too, specializing in authentic Trevisan dishes.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, opportunities are plentiful for hiking, rock climbing and skiing in the nearby Dolomite mountains.

Theatre and opera lovers will find a full summer programme on offer in various theatres in Treviso and Venice, while opera under the stars in the magnificent Roman Arena in Verona is not to be missed.
Many smaller centres in the province are worth a visit for their historical and artistic interest.

Treviso was awarded the title of "Città d'Arte" in 2001.


Venice 20 minutes
Verona 2 hours e 30 minutes
Firenze 3 hours e 30 minutes



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