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Door San Tomaso

Door San Tomaso

"Door de San Tomaso" is the most majestic than the other Treviso's door and one of the most beautiful doors of the north Italy. It is a massive door with a square structure, all decorated and surmounted by a dome with a marble statue of San Paolo. In the middle of the gallery, in the left's wall there is a relief of the Madonna and Child adored by angels and warriors. At the center of the external front you can see the lion of San Marco but it isn't the original.

Outside in the central arch there are the words "Door de San Thomaso" in Veneto dialect for people who cames from outside, mostly farmers; while on the arch faced in the city there is the same inscription in Latin to emphasize the difference between the aristocratic culture and the countryside. This door has one of the street to the center but at the end of 2011 this place was closed to the traffic.


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