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The red radicchio or (chickory salad) also known as "the edible flower" especially in the Spadone di Treviso and Rosa di Castelfranco variants, is perhaps the epitome of know-how and patience expressed by the farmers of Veneto who began developing radicchio from a spontaneous species of chickory common to all of Eurasia up to the border regions of Baluchistan.

Its beauty, its crispy consistency and unique slightly-sour taste have given it innumerable applications in ways: it may be eaten raw, seasoned ina several ways or in salads, fried, grilled, in risottos and soups, wrapped around various stuffings or as a filling in itself, it may also be used in sweet pies and ice creams, to distil grappa. In the meantime every chef in Veneto is still coming up with new ways to use radicchio in Veneto recepies.


Wine making has always been central to Treviso's culture. Testimony to this are several ancient documents, frescoes and paintings besides the existence of two wine roads, the White Wine road - north of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano and the Red Wine road - south east of Roncade, San Polo di Piave and Cimadolmo.
Between the two, in the middle of Treviso territory, there is also the Montello Hill-Wine road.
Prosecco is undoubtedly the region's most famous wine, with its Cartizze 8'oiuyhvariant: but also Grey and White Pinot, Chardonnay, Verduzzo, Tocai and, among the red wines we must notforget Merlot, Cabarnet Raboso and…
(from Lucia Benedetti's guide to the city of Treviso).


The cuisine of Treviso is driver by a continuous flow of seasonal produce. In late May, in Spring, the previous year's wines are uncorked and tasted at the various festivals around the Province - from Prosecco Spring to Wine in the Villa.

The period coincides with asparagus season in Cimadolmo and Badoere. In the hill region, between Asolo and Maser, this follows Cherry season to go on to the pre-alps where the alpine huts present their assortments of cheeses, the most famous being the Morlacco.

Among other famous cheeses are the Casatella and the formaggio imbriago (drunken cheese) which is seasoned in wine must In Summer there are also festivals to celebrate the production of peppers.
These come to an end in autumn with festivals dedicated to chestnuts and mushrooms and once again to commemorate the Prosecco wine of Valdobbiadene.

Winter's most famous and typical produce is Treviso's red radicchio in its various early-season, late-season and Castelfranco variants. (Lucia Benedetti, guide to the City of Treviso).
(Lucia Benedetti, guida della città di Treviso)



The Veneto Region has a deep rooted culture of osterie. The city of Treviso can offer you some quaint little corners that provide hospitality, good home cooking and local produce, all in a friendly atmosphere among the "chatter" and friends.

Fresh products typical and genuine are present in many recipes, such as mushrooms of Montello and red radicchio of Treviso. In Treviso, you can also eat fish, especially of fresh water, such as eel, trout, pike and carp. Also common soups and risotto, especially with sausage and radicchio.

Among the oldest osterie, you can find Trevisi, near Malvasia bridge, behind the centrally located Piazza dei Signori, where you can savour local wines along with the traditional local "cicheti" snacks, featuring bologna ham, fresh country sausage and ossocollo and selections of cold cuts and cheeses served on wooden cutting boards.

Within a short distance you will also find Dai Naneti where local delicacies abound on the shelves and counter. Directly opposite the Isola della Pescheria (Fishery Island) you will find Da Muscoli's, a place often frequented by celebrities who waste no time in mingling with the inevitable glass of wine in hand. Where the river bends, not far from the new university premises, tucked away is one of the locals' fondest corners - the Osteria Al Ponte Dante. Close to Porta San Tommaso, the Bottegon is the local hang out for the younger crowd.

(Lucia Benedetti, guida della città di Treviso)
Treviso website: www.marcatreviso.it


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